KRISTIN KAYE is an award-winning author, ghostwriter and teacher. Books include her novel Tree Dreams (WINNER 2018 International Books Awards: YA Fiction, FINALIST 2019 NextGen Indie Book Awards: Regional Fiction) and her memoir Iron Maidens: The Celebration of the Most Awesome Female Muscle in the World, which was short-listed for the Oregon Book Awards in literary non-fiction. 

Kristin’s work often spills off the page and into the world in the form of social practice projects. The Duff Dinners literary salon featured foresters and writers in the woods of Oregon, and the Tree Dreams global tree tagging campaign celebrates the myriad ways we are connected to each other, to nature and to our future. Tree Dreams has also been adapted for the classroom.

Kristin has hosted events and taught workshops across the U.S. including at the American Library Association, National Science Teachers Association, California Academy of Sciences, California Association of Environmental and Outdoor Educators, Delaware Green Schools Alliance and at the Young Artists Institute at Southern Oregon University.

When not working on her own creative projects, Kristin serves as a writing coach, content strategist and ghostwriter covering a wide array of topics from business and design to spirituality, self-help and Tibetan Buddhism. Ghostwritten articles have been placed in Fast Company and Business Week among many others and books have been accepted for representation with literary agents.