Duff Dinners

Duff Dinners is a periodic forest feast in the woods of Oregon and California. We celebrate the living history and the ours-to-shape future of our forests.

Our hosts are foresters who are forging a new future for our forests, writers who write about our connection to land and chefs who create fantabulous feasts sourced from local farms and forests. We believe in people, forests, trees, words and food and have found that when you get them all together, the conversation keeps on going long after dinner is over.

Duff Dinners takes inspiration from the farm-to-table movement that supports local farmers and benefits from the wonderful, fresh produce farms can provide. We’ve learned that our forests and local foresters need the same attention and support as our friends in agriculture. Many of us are unaware of what a healthy forest looks like and have forgotten that trees and forests provide the air that we breathe and the clean water that we drink. If they are devastated, so are we. Our hope is that Duff Dinners will reconnect people to our forested landscapes and the foresters who maintain them to create conversations that generate a commitment to a healthy future for all. We invite you to join our table!

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