Tree Dreams

Seeding the world with dreams of interconnection one tag at a time…

Tree Dreams is a collaboration between author Kristin Kaye and Portland, OR-based print and design collective Cumbersome Multiples. The project leapt into the world from the pages of the book Tree Dreams: A Field Guide, Vol. 1.— a collection of facts, quotes and ideas about the myriad ways we are connected to the natural world, to each other and to our future. Tree Dreams was born from the writing of a novel, but that’s another story entirely…

A stealth and merry band of Tree Taggers is already at work spreading the ideas that sustain us all, like love, kindness, generosity, giving and interconnectedness. The list goes on. The Tree Dreams web site is an ever-growing record of the inspiration that is spreading and a map of inspiration’s reach.

Anyone can be a Tree Tagger. If you have a Tree Dreams kit, pick a dream that strikes your fancy. Or, write one of your own. Write your dream on a tag and tie it to a branch for other eyes to see. Take a picture and upload it to Tree Dreams. If you need a kit, visit our Etsy shop to stock up.


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