Work With Me

Think of me as your literary sherpa.

I love words, ideas, stories and the long haul of writing books. Developmental editing, coaching and ghostwriting allow me to indulge my passion with the added pleasure of stepping into worlds I could have never dreamed up and befriending folks I would never have met were it not for the books we work on together. I am here to help with the heavy lifting and to guide you on the road to a finished manuscript. Contact me for a free 30-minute consultation to discuss your project and to determine how we can work together.

1-on-1 SESSION

Use this option if you have a a gem of an idea, but aren’t sure how to pull it off. I can help you to create a solid outline to get you started, provide a map of the book writing process and offer craft support along the way. Sessions are $100/ hour and include reading and editing in preparation for our 1-on-1 session. Book a single session or multiple sessions using the link below.


Use this option if you have 100+ pages, but can’t figure out how to make it all hang together. I’ll immerse myself in your manuscript and find the core structure of your work. From there I will offer detailed feedback to help you complete a solid draft. Contact me for more information.


Perhaps you’re full of great ideas, but don’t have the time to write a book yourself. From business and design to Tibetan Buddhism and human consciousness, I’ve immersed myself in wildly different topics for months and sometimes years. Please be in touch to discuss your visionary ideas, the story close to your heart or the book idea that just won’t leave you alone. References and samples available upon request.

[background photo by Lone Morch]