Earth Day is 50 in 2020

Join author Kristin Kaye and Tree Dreamers across the country to host a Tree Dreams tagging party with friends or at your school, book group or environmental organization this April.

Inspired by Kaye’s award-winning novel, Tree Dreams, Tree Dreamers have been tagging trees with their dreams of interconnection. But this year tree lovers are turning their solo tagging adventures into hosted group Tree Dreams events during Earth Week from April 19-26, 2020.

We’ll be giving trees–and the earth–lots of love by gathering together around our favorite green-leafed friends to share arboreal awe, stories of interconnection and to tag their branches with dreams of a better world.

Don’t know how to Tree Dream? Learn more about it here.

You’ll find everything you need at from tagging kits to instructions on how to host your own gathering. And from now through April proceeds from the sale of Tree Dreams: A Novel and Tree Dreams tagging kits on the Tree Dreams web site will be donated to tree planting organizations (books also available from all online booksellers).